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French Wine Courtesy Of China

French Wine Courtesy Of China. What, China is giving the World French Wine? Close, but no cigar. China is giving the World the opportunity to BUY the less expensive big name French Wines. How? Why? – Because it’s slurping up all the expensive ones. This has put the (ever so subtle) pressure on the grand […]

20May2012 | | 39 comments | Continued
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China Buys Bordeaux

  Absolutely. Positively. China Buys Bordeaux. Chateaus. Bordeaux wine. And, hey – why not – Bordeaux property. There is a good reason for this. In a sentence : Bordeaux Winos need the money. And money, as we are all to aware is democratic and non-judgemental. Money doesn’t give a rat’s ass about color, ethnicity, social […]

12Apr2012 | | 10 comments | Continued