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Cool French Food Snob

As a child, he loved to be in the kitchen. And although is name is often mentioned in the same breath as the great French Chef Escoffier, Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin didn’t aspire to chefdom. But he DID like the results of the work of Chefs. (uh….that would be… So, you’re thinking – this guys a […]

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French Food

French Food. Gourmet food. Can be. Often is. But,like any activity that blends unequal parts of human involvement,perishable ingredients,and pictures of dead Presidents, there are levels of quality. The Penthouse. The Mezzanine. The Basement. This is a Tale of the basement It begins in a quaint(and,are’nt they all?)French roadside “bistro.” Think – more than a […]

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French Cheese

French Cheese is not a food. It’s a religion. Actually, a “co-religion.” Along with Wine and “L’Amour.” So, dontcha be fooled by the official French motto of “Liberte,Egalitie ,Fraternitie.”  The  French real’raison d’etre” be Cheese,Wine and LLLLLLLuv! Another time for Wine and Love. Today, we be getting’ down wit da frommage. Which could be a […]

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