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French Chef No 1 – Part One

    Who’s the greatest French chef ? Depends on your terms of reference, dunnit? Your definition of “great.” The extent of your experience with GFC’s. And, of course, ultimately, it’s all subjective. Who’s the greatest French chef –for you? The personalities of the GFC’s I’ve met, come in more flavours than Summer ice cream. They […]

17Aug2018 | | 34 comments | Continued
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French Cuisine’s Feminine Touch

He lived by the highway. And under it’s influence, dreamt of becoming an auto mechanic. But destiny and genes had another plan for Jacques Pic. – Taking over the Family business. His daughter shared her Father’s destiny. After testing the waters of the business World, Anne Sophie Pic returned to take her place in the […]

27Nov2010 | | 11 comments | Continued
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Fathers of French Cuisine – Escoffier

Unlike his predecessors, Auguste Escoffier cooked for the public. Not privately for royalty and high society as was the case for Antoine Careme. And to a lesser extent La Varenne. But building on the foundations that La Varenne and Careme established, Escoffier donated the final refinements to French Cuisine as we know it today. Escoffier’s […]

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