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DSK – Faux Spin Doctor

Life’s Like That One of the many interesting positions that Life can twist you into, is that of being wrong and right on the same subject. Such has been the case with THIS POST, where I opined that Domnique Strauss Kahn, on his return to France, would protest his innocence,(Right), but subtly and through his […]

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Strauss Kahn – Stylistically Challenged?

While the Offical motto of France is :”Libertie, Egalitie, Fraternitie”, there is an unoffical, but integral 4th element: Privacy. While France is (again) “offically” a devout Catholic Nation, it has an almost Religious tolerance for “non-Catholica”activities. Particularly when they relate to “relations intime.” Basically the French mind set is :”We don’t care who you screw, […]

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Dominique Strauss Kahn – Guilty, But Free

Yes, yes, a PROVOCATIVE headline I know…but one that I, and I stress I, believe to be true. Examine the facts. Strauss Kahn has a history of ..ahem..shall we say..”adventures” with Women. During his tenure as head of the International Monetary fund(IMF, hereinafter) he had a consensual affair with a colleague. For which he apologized […]

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