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French Wine Tasting – Part Two

Authors note : Reading Part One first would be a good idea Regardless of whether you’re”into’ wine,or just grabbed a bottle out of desperation because “booze-be-us” was outa beer – there are French wine treasures to be found in every region and at every price point. Kinda like deciding which car to buy, innit? Too many options! That’s why […]

28Jun2019 | | 21 comments | Continued
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French Country Travel Life New Years

    French Country Travel Life New Years? Yes, there was one. And it were grand. But, “low key.” ( a unmistakeable sign that you are over 18) Seems to be a great majority of the froggie populace celebrating in the same style. At Home. A few pals. (or not) Some great grub. Even greater […]

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French Love Story – Part Three

(Authors Note : Part One  and Two  could be instructive) By Early September it was clear the Indians were not going to let us have their Summer. Fall was prancing impatiently in the wings. And Michelle and I were too far apart.She visiting friends in the mountains, and I scrambling after French sunbeams before they began […]

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