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French Travel Essentials

“Blessed is he with no expectations… for he shall never be disappointed.”  – America’s first French ambassador- (Benjamin Franklin) While I agree with Oscar Wilde’s observation – “Only a fool lives by slogans”–there are some wise words of dead people (like Ben and Oscar, fer instance) that can help us wake up and smell the […]

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Travel Zen

I’m a Stranger Here Myself “Success is the quality of your journey.”  An observation from some much wiser than I. (Or, perhaps just a better translator of fortune cookie epigrams? )While that’s an admirable wish(and are’nt they the best kind?) our journeys must often play second fiddle to the everpresent hydra of time and money. […]

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French Life – Hospitality

  It was a soft summer night. Still light at 8:30. And comfortably warm after the day’s searing heat. Yer hero(that’s me, folks) was in his third hour of surfing this tiny perfect French village. It was the ole “good news – bad news” deal. The good news – everyone I met was more than […]

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