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French Wine Adventure

  A French Wine Adventure is one of the best reasons to visit here. Not the only one bien sur, but certainly, at least in my book “first among equals.” The other equals being food, natural beauty, History, and that other essential “big H” – Hospitality. As I ranted previously IN THIS POST, one of […]

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Irish Gourmet Chows Down In France

  Irish Gourmet Chows Down In France. Yes, dear reader, a shocking headline to say the least. What connection you may well ask does Irish food have with anything gourmet? The short, and honest answer, is, bien sur, none. But since my last post dealt with an Irishman’s contribution to the French Cognac industy, I […]

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French Cognac From Ireland

  French Cognac From Ireland. Yes, dear reader, it’s true. The fact that Cognac, while not from Ireland, owes it’s fame, popularity and world-wide notariety to Ireland. Specifically to Blarney land’s Richard Hennessy who left the Emerald Isle to join the army of Louis XV. He was stationed in the southwestern town of…(you’re ahead of […]

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