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Claude Monet and Friends

OK – it IS a hokey title. But, to paraphrase Woody Allen on another subject “as hokey titles go, it’s one of the best.” The reason I can say that with a straight face is that Claude Monet and Friends, is a visual reminder that although Cher Claude is unquestionably the most famous French artist, […]

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French Americans – Joe Downing – Part Two

Joe Downing (Author’s Note : reading Part One first is recommended.) After lunch, Joe gave me directions to “The little house.” When I asked what time He’d like to start tomorrow, Joe replied firmly : “Not before eleven.” (My arm twisted again!) “The little house”, a three minute walk, was medium sized in a tower […]

12Oct2011 | | 6 comments | Continued
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French Impressionist Lion

As I detailed in THIS PREVIOUS POST, the “lion”, the “main man”, the “Big Kahuna” of French Impressionism was, of course Claude Monet. Virtually the only one of the impressionists to enjoy in his lifetime the two things all artists seek. But rarely attain. Fame and Fortune. Claude had ’em both. While the majority of […]

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