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French Country Life Confidental – Part Three

  (Reading Part One and/or Part Two will bring you up to speed) Recognize This Guy? If you remember Ichabod Crane, You’d recognize Rene. Hawk nose. Deep set piercing eyes. High cheekbones. Angular face. And a frame more “fashionably lean” than even da BG! When I tried to visualize him at school, I first thought […]

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French Country Life Confidental – Part Two

  (Author’s Note : reading Part One – could be instructive.)     All My Children The cast o’ characters at Chez Rene was as unique as the building they inhabited. (Think French soap opera.) First up – Rene. A gentleman (like his Sister) “of a certain age”, with Adult children from his first marriage. […]

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Deep French Life Questions – Part Two

If you haven’t already, reading PART ONE is advised. I think there are two reasons for this inner dialogue. The first being a (let’s hope) subtle sense of guilt from doing what you like, and enjoying it. While others, next door, and around the World have less, much less or nothing. The second is the […]

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