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Covid French Friday

  Covid French Friday, is, as you will understand, pretty much the same for the French people as for the rest of the Western World. They endure virus-imposed restrictions like social distancing, and irregular hours of certain business and their justly loved French restaurants. But the Covid Virus in France, as difficult as it if […]

25Sep2020 | | 0 comments | Continued
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French Country Travel Life Chelsea Hotel

There is no French Country Travel Life Chelsea Hotel of which I am aware. However, I’ve titled this rant thusly – because – each time I hear  Leonard Cohen’s song of the same name – it takes me back in time. Not to any Chelsea Hotels, but to the French Riviera town of Sant Maxime. Just […]

19Jun2013 | | 20 comments | Continued
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The Other Tour de France

The Other Tour de France?  What the heck is DA BG on about? Everybody know there’s only  ONE  Tour de France – Right?  Absolutely sports fans. But there is another cycling event each year not quite as famous. At least Worldwide. But here in the land of  Wine, Cheese, and Government Ministers with Swiss bank […]

1May2013 | | 22 comments | Continued