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French Travel Photo Options

Joke European:(to American)”What part of Europe did you like best?”American:”Dunno,have’nt got the pictures back yet.” Obviously a joke as old as an 8 track tape player. N’est ce pas? Because in the ab/fab digital world of now, our American(or even our Armenian)would be digging those cool pix(not a plug,really!) instantly.That, being the primary selling point […]

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French Life – Yin and Yang

From 6000 miles away, my vision of France was, understandably, the cliché one. The Effiel Tower. Loire chateaus. Breathtaking scenery. Sexy women. Two hour, five course, wine filled lunches on Pine studded terraces, overlooking the Med. (cheese was not part of the dream) And while all of these “clichés” are real, the reality of living […]

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French Travel Life Name Game

Having read my French Cycling Gourmet post, you’ll know I choose to call my film – “Bicycle Gourmet’s Treasures of France.” But ….why?……Treasures of France..ok. No mystery. No confusion there. All kindsa treasures. Historic, Senic. Cultural. Culinary. Human. So then, why precede it with “Bicycle Gourmet?” Yes, I DID realize I was placing my cinematic […]

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