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French Country Life Confidental – Part One

  French Country Elegance She was beyond elegant. Immaculately coiffed. Exquisitely tailored. Equally “prêt” for shopping on the Champs Elysee, or a stroll through the Bois du Bologne. Her dancers body arcing delicate,repetitive motions with effortless grace. As I crossed the courtyard,our eyes met. She fixed me with an impersonal frown. Then, scraping her rake along the […]

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Firey French Connection

It’s a Family affair. With relatives you’ve never seen before.  And not the distant Uncles, Aunts and Cousins variety. But relatives you’ve never met, and almost certainly – will never meet again. Your relatives are incredibly welcoming, friendly and accomodating. They’ll do anything they can to help.  And they’ve just met you!  They’re not trying […]

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Camille Claudel

They’re wild, weird, way-out, whacked out people. Delusional. Illusional. Depressive. Regressive. Suicidal. Paranoid. Excessive. Obessive. They drink, smoke funny cigarettes, take drugs, pop pills. Often they don’t sleep or eat for days. And when they do eat, it’s likely to be something so grotty the dog wouldn’t touch it. They don’t give a rat’s ass […]

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