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French Riviera Vacation – Part Four

The monks on the island of Ste. Honorat claim that Holy mumbo jumbo has prevailed there for 1600 years. An easy claim to make that not even the superior security forces of the city of Cannes can hope to verify. However ,the numerous ruined chapels scattered throughout the tiny isle lend some “concete” support to […]

30Apr2011 | | 6 comments | Continued
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French Churches – part Three of Four

Monkshine No fine and fancy ramble through the cloisters of French Churchdom would be complete without a large tip o’ the glass to “The Booze Brothers. ” Those monks who  praise the Holy Spirit by brewin’ up a batch of spirits. “Bros ‘n Booze” is a tradition as old as monkdom itself. Plus,it’s only logical. Men, […]

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French Churches – Part One of Four

French Churches – more of ‘em than French cheese. All over the freakin’ place! Cities. Villages large,medium and small. Even tiny “Hameaus”(a collection of houses with no commerce) you’ll find a small piece of stone celebrating the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Or all three. French Churches are not simply momuments to Religion, […]

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