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French Country Travel Life History

  This French Country Travel Life History is in response to one of my commenters who said ” ok all this french country life stuff is great, but hey, how about french city life?” Well, Calvin, today you get your wish (and 15 seconds of  fame from DA BG) because today’s History is not about  that […]

1Jun2013 | | 23 comments | Continued
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French Wealth

France has made me wealthy. Not from the sales of my videos, my photos, my music, my book, or my (coming soon) tee-shirts, mugs, iphone apps, bumper stickers and monogrammed underwear. Nada. We’re talking about another kind of wealth here, folks. The kind you can’t buy. The “up close ‘n personal kind.” Happily, I gots it in […]

15Jan2011 | | 6 comments | Continued
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French Legend

It happened the very first time I toured France. And it’s happened, more than once, every tour since. The moment my froggie friends find out I’m from the land of fiscal irresponsibility and Elvis. The inevitable anticipatory question : “So, you know Johnny in America?” The Logical response would be, of course, “which Johnny?” But […]

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