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The Birth(and Death) of Impressionism – Part Two

The Birth(and Death) of Impressionism – Part Two Author’s Note: If you missed Part One of the Impressionist story – IT’S HERE. Renoir had been inspired by Claude Monet since the day they first met in 1862.With this renewed motivation, Renoir seemed to push himself to take more chances, work harder and never give up. […]

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The Birth (And Death)of Impressionism – Part One

  Early in the 1860s a few young artists began to paint modern life as they saw .They had quietly rejected the idea that art was to tell stories of religious mythology or history. They were not interested in the past. Contrary to popular belief, Impressionism is not a style but an attitude toward the […]

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Bicycle Gourmet,s Gourmet Rant

French Gourmet. Is there any other kind? Any other possible adjective? Do not “French” and “Gourmet” go together like bread ‘n butter?, like salt ‘n pepper? And more importantly, like wine and cheese?

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