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French Christmas Pot Pouri

  This French Christmas Pot Pouri, while perhaps not sufficently memorable to print out and immortalize on your refigerator, will, I hope give you an unvarnished view(and isn’t that the best kind?) of “La Belle France” as it prepares to celebrate the death/rebirth gig of the Son of the invisible super being. THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT […]

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Strauss Kahn – Stylistically Challenged?

While the Offical motto of France is :”Libertie, Egalitie, Fraternitie”, there is an unoffical, but integral 4th element: Privacy. While France is (again) “offically” a devout Catholic Nation, it has an almost Religious tolerance for “non-Catholica”activities. Particularly when they relate to “relations intime.” Basically the French mind set is :”We don’t care who you screw, […]

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French Politics – A Royale Encore

The Medium is the Massage Most Americans will recognize the phrase “No. 2 tries harder” as the advertising blah -blah of that countries second most popular rental car company. The Queen To Be Dethroned It could also be an apt mantra for Segolene Royale, failed French presidental candidate in the 2007 elections. In that campaign […]

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