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French Wines Rodney Dangerfield Grape

   French Wines Rodney Dangerfield Grape is Grenache. Like the American comedian , Grenache “can’t get no respect.” At least not sufficient to make it a household name along with such International stars as Cabernet and Merlot. The reason is that it’s a great blending grape. A team player. Not a star quarterback. Owing largely […]

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French Cheese

French Cheese is not a food. It’s a religion. Actually, a “co-religion.” Along with Wine and “L’Amour.” So, dontcha be fooled by the official French motto of “Liberte,Egalitie ,Fraternitie.”  The  French real’raison d’etre” be Cheese,Wine and LLLLLLLuv! Another time for Wine and Love. Today, we be getting’ down wit da frommage. Which could be a […]

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