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French Politics – A Royale Encore

The Medium is the Massage Most Americans will recognize the phrase “No. 2 tries harder” as the advertising blah -blah of that countries second most popular rental car company. The Queen To Be Dethroned It could also be an apt mantra for Segolene Royale, failed French presidental candidate in the 2007 elections. In that campaign […]

28Jun2011 | | 6 comments | Continued
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French Politics – Part Three

In every political race there is one candidate who seems to be a real alternative to the current “flop at the top.” A “Golden Boy”(or girl, as the case may be) already known to, not to mention loved and admired by “le grand public.” In this power dash that candidate is Nicholas Hulot. Not golden […]

30May2011 | | 4 comments | Continued
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French Politics – Part Two

As sure as God(or someone just like him/her) made little green Apples, from time to time under the political big top a star attraction tumbles from the tightrope. The high wire flyer’s demise creating an opportunity for those anxious to ascend to the same lofty heights.(But hopefully avoding the same fate.)The unexpected and supersonic descent […]

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