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Friday the 13th in France

friday the 13th in france

Friday the 13th in France –

Friday the 13th in France.

What’s it like? How is it different from Friday the 13th in America? Why does it even exist? What do the French do on Friday the 13th?

Answer to number one: Sunny and warm. A welcome relief from the previous few days of sunny and scalding.

Answer to Number two: The French take everything American with several large grains of salt. Especially superstitions and cultural oddities.

It took donkey’s years before Halloween made it over to this side of the pond. Even now, it’s not celebrated everywhere. Including some large cities. Certainly not in villages too small to have a boulangerie.

But don’t go thinking that the French are wishy-washy, unhip, and oblivious to what goes down in the excited states. After all – they’re the Nation that banned that “other Friday.” (The black one.)

Answer to number three: Friday the 13th exists to give us an excuse for screwing up. When you break a glass. No worries. Friday The 13th. When you open that paint can too fast, and wind up decorating your legs and half the kitchen floor.No worries. Friday the 13th.

Include acting erratic(or worse) during a full moon. Black cat crossing your path. Walking under a ladder. Etc.

Bottom Line: Friday the 13th is our excuse for not owning our mistakes.

Whenever life doesn’t treat us as nicely as we think it should – it’s not our fault. Friday the 13th is the bad guy.

Answer to number four: While, obviously, I can’t speak for the entire Nation(would upset M. Macron, n’est ce pas?) what I (honorary froggie)will be doing on this Friday the 13th, is sitting outside in my favorite chair, inhaling the sweet country air, and sipping(effete snobs never simply “drink”) a 2019 Touraine Savignon,Pascal Delauny, (with my phone turned off!)

This is an impressive dry white with a modest price for it’s quality.It’s not available everywhere. But you might get lucky and find it at your local “Bottles B Us” or (for Brits) Tesco.

But -if you don’t – please don’t blame Friday the 13th.

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