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Bicycle Gourmet’s 2014 French Photo Course Workshop


bicycle gourmet 2014 french photo course workshop


Bicycle Gourmet’s 2014 French Photo Course Workshop – Too late to sign up? Well, that depends on what you want to sign up for – dunnit? The good news is that there are still a few spots available. The bad news is just what you’d expect – they’re filling up faster than a politican can kiss a baby.

But there remains a ray of hope if one (or more) of DA BG’s workshops you lusted after is complete. That ray being: cancellations. They can and do happen. For a variety of reasons: Vacation schedule changes. Unexpected deadline at work. Illness. You win the lottery and decide to go a’ snappin’ in Africa with Trey Ratcliffe.($20,000 @person)

And voila! – a spot (or two) opens up. So don’t be depressed,discouraged, dejected or, heaven forbid, downtrodden if your dream French Photo BG Workshop is locked down. Get on the “notify me if someone cancels list.”

This is the best plan o’ action seein’ that availabilities, like the weather be constantly changin.’ For that reason best just to review the whole nine yards of  2014 Photography Workshops in France with the Bicycle Gourmet and put your “John Henry”(or Henrietta) on da dotted line. Then you’ll have the best possible chance of being a happy French Photo Workshop camper.

Anything else I can help with?


What are ya thinkin’?

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26 Responses to “Bicycle Gourmet’s 2014 French Photo Course Workshop”

  1. fran dennis says:

    thanks for the info in this post.;;;;EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED;;BECAUSE THE WORKSHOP I WANTED was FULL;;;;;;;but i’m on the waiting list now!

  2. tad sample says:

    exactly the same deal with me fran……i’m now on the list for 2 workshops…so hopefully one will open up!

  3. karen dennis says:

    i checked out your link to trey ratcliffe……he is a good photographer…but $20,000?

  4. ed mason says:

    karen..re: trey ratcliffe……not to worry…..his $20,000 workshop – the one to africa DA BG mentions – is SOLD OUT!

  5. sheila watson says:

    ed….more impressive to me was that he’s in 7 million plus circles on google plus!….wonder how he managed that?

  6. garth branster says:

    sheila…..i have the answer to your question about trey ratcliffe’s G plus “following”…..he’s part of the guy kawasaki machine…

  7. sheila watson says:

    garth..ok i know who guy kawasaki is…..but what his his machine?

  8. garth branster says:

    sheila…..every wonder how guy kawasaki makes so many G+ posts?
    the not so startling answer is that he doesn’t make all the posts.
    some are made by a woman (who’s name escapes me at the moment) abd the rest are made by……(you guessed it) trey ratcliffe!

  9. annie nonomis says:

    so garth…what you’re saying basically..is that trey ratcliffe is piggypacking on guy kawasakis fame?

  10. garth branster says:

    well annie….that’s one way of looking at it…but i think it’s fairer to say that his association with the celebrated “Mr. K” has
    really REALLY helped spread his message.

  11. annie nonomis says:

    garth…well…thats ANOTHER way of looking at it (lol!)..and , yeah really the right way i guess.

  12. carleton stenns says:

    good advice..which i always follow…however should be an eye opener for those who don’t. good work covering all the bases!

  13. alma denvers says:

    agreed carleton!…..DA BG always goes the extra mile (kms?) for us!

  14. sean mullins says:

    “faster than a politican can kiss a baby” – fabulous line!

  15. yaro zennon says:

    excellent advice….and also interesting to learn about the “guy kawasaki machine.”

  16. barry mcmaster says:

    re/ trey ratcliffe……he is an interesting photographer….but even if is workshop was still open…..$20K is about $19k above my budget!

  17. ted danbury says:

    i hear ya barry…..and i checked him out too…frankly….i found his obession with HDR images a little “over the top”….makes everything unnaturally colored……

  18. gail reimer says:

    same deal for me ted…..no question the guy is technically excellent….and the images are well composed……but the HDR “effect” for me is basically “eye candy”

  19. fenton denman says:

    that was the phrase in my head too gail! (are you reading my mind? – if so…don’t tell my wife…lol!)

    not to bash the guy….but i prefer images that look fantastic because the photographer was in the right place at the right time with the right exposure and clicked the shutter…..

  20. pami kulhane says:

    so fenton….you’re “bashing” HDR and post processing in general?

  21. fenton denman says:


  22. mal stevens says:

    incredible opening image!…a super example of the creativity you’re offering with these workshops…i’m in!

  23. fabio questa says:

    thanks for doing everyone possible to give as many people as possib le a chance to join, you on this exciting adventure!

  24. harvey dempster says:

    i’d like to second the comment about the castle in the wineglass picture. truly a fine example of your photographic skill!

  25. sheila watson says:

    harvey..AND an excellent example of WHY anyone who love photography and france should be hooking up with DA BG!

  26. barbara billy says:

    add me to the commentors wo loved your opening photo. VERY COOL!!!

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