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Bicycle Gourmet’s French Photo Tour Workshop 2020




Bicycle Gourmet’s French Photo Tour Workshop 2020 – guided, bien sur by DA BG is chock full of Photo Ops.

As a Professional Photographer, I can confirm that the beauty and variety of the French Landscape is nothing short of Awesome. With a capital “A.”

But France is much more than just Photo Ops. It’s History. Culture. Cuisine. Wine. Fashions. And most importantly – the incredible genuine hospitality of the French People.

That’s why every year – my other committments permitting – I cycle through the French Country backroads with 6 or 8 lucky Francophiles (never more) sharing the Treasures of France I know intimately.

These voyages of discovery go down in June, July and September. (NEVER August. The month all the French take their holidays!)

Here’s the skinny:

June – The Loire Valley.

bicycle gourmet 2016 photo op tour


Ok, first of all, Da Bg lives there. That should tell ya something – right? And when, you experience the rich tapestry of this region, you’ll understand why it was the playground for the ancient Kings of France. Naturally we won’t neglect the marvy Chateau’s in which they cavorted – but “Da Bg Advantage” is my intimate knowledge of the tiny villages and off the beaten track spots – that are not in the guidebooks.


July – The Drome Provencal.

Afficher l'image d'origine


This region, is just above(north) of the PACA(Provence Alps Cote D’Azur) region. It being too famous for the Riviera, Cannes, Nice, etc.

The main advantages of “le Drome” are that it has virtually the same climate as it’s way more crowded Southern neighbour,(and thus the same fruits and veggies), and is WAY less crowded. Plus dotted with picture postcard villages, filled with friendly (not picture postcard) people.


September – Vaucluse. Hilltop Villages in the Luberon National Park.



This one is “first among equals” for Da Bg – as I used to hang my (non-existant) hat there.

While the village of Gordes is the most over famous/touristated, there is much more charm (and fewer visitors) in the adjoining villages of Bonnieux, Lacoste ( Chateau of the Marquis de Sade – the original “tough love” guy) and Roussillon. Renowned for it’s ocre cliffs. And the dust from them. Prized by artists the World over.

All of this – in a National Park! What more could ya want?

The Nitty Gritty:

  1. I only do one tour per month.
  2. Prices vary each season. Due to those items I provide (accomodation/food/bike rentals, etc.) whose prices also vary each year.  Contact me for this season’s rates.
  3. There is no “singles supplement.”
  4. You arrive on a Sunday. Welcome meal on me. Then 10 days in the saddle. Goodbye meal(on me) on the second Wednesday. Thursday – you go home.
  5. Difficulty . A piece of cake (The Loire) to moderate (The Drome) to moderate with an occasional challenge. (Hilltop Villages)

Here’s how previous client’s rated “Da Bg Experience:”

“A truly incredible experience – on all levels. Photographic, senic and human. if you love france and photography, the bicycle gourmet has got your back!”

                                  Larry and Meg Evans, Beverly hills, CA.

“As brits who’ve visited France many times, we thought we’d seen it all. We were wrong! Very wrong. Our eyes, and our insights were opened wide by the knowledge and talent of Christopher Strong. He Shared his “Secret France” with us, and our small band of photo adventurers…leaving us with incredible memories and equally incredible images. We will be back!

                                 Nigel and Daphne Cavendish, London, UK

“What impressed us most about the Bicycle Gourmet’s Photo Workshop was his amazing knowledge of incredible  photographic locations, most of them not in any guidebook. This enabled even technically challenged photographers(like us!) to come away with images so fantastic, our friends couldn’t believe we took them. Christopher’s patience,accessibility, and obvious delight in sharing his love for France was contagious and very inspirational. Highly recommended!

                             Sven and Gudren Larssen, Stockholm, Sweden

What to do now:

Tell me what tour(s) you’d like, with preferred dates (and at least one alternate)- and we’ll go from there.

Contact me here : bgtof@yahoo.com, with “tours” in the subject line.

I reply personally to every mail.

Da Bg is Ready. France is Ready. Are you?

bicycle gourmet 2016 french photo tour



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28 Responses to “Bicycle Gourmet’s French Photo Tour Workshop 2020”

  1. barrie lockton says:

    as others have said;;the hardest part will be deciding which tour to go on!

  2. larry benson says:

    as usual…count on da bg to bring us the best of the best..i’m going for the hilltop villages..btw great shot bg!

  3. allie havers says:

    while all these locations look fantastic (and no doubt they are)…my pick is the loire valley!

  4. dan sanders says:

    impossible to make a choice!..guess i’ll have to go for them all!(lol)

  5. merle watson says:

    really appreciate the short but compelte descriptions of each location. just enough information to make a decision. well done.

  6. bertha zenners says:

    can’t wait to get started! hope the weather is going to co-operate!

  7. uger watts says:

    this is such totally great news!..especially becasue it wasn’t certain Da Bg would offer any tours this year. coooool!

  8. steve parkins says:

    can you say: “photographers paradise?”

  9. errol danst says:

    steve : can you say: “french food, french wine, and french history?”

  10. steve parkins says:

    errol – suprisingly……I CAN!

  11. anna benson says:

    whooo HOOOO! just what us Bg fans have been waiting for! good on ya bg! i’ll be there!!!

  12. frank andersly says:

    that gets a big “10-4” from me anna! (and probably ALL Da Bg’s fans i suppose!

  13. doris clemmens says:

    bg – your opening photo really sets the tone for everything that follows…looking forward to joining you!

  14. genni graham says:

    fantastic news BG! – and really appreciate your short (but complete) descriptions.

  15. vi anderly says:

    you got that right genni..too make tour guides spend way too much time with all the fluff..Da bg gets right to the point.

  16. jim groban says:

    this news is absolutely great way to start the new year for all francophiles!now our p^roblem is which o,ne of the tours to go for!

  17. palua prentiss says:

    hey jim…why not go for all of them? simple – right? (lol)

  18. jim groban says:

    hey palua…..yeah simple….just need to rob a bank (and get a month off work spread over three months)

  19. palua prentiss says:

    jim….i suggest best way to go is talk to your boss now…and concentrate on winning a lottery…(much safer than the bank caper – don’t you think?)

  20. armond hannder says:

    all three tours sound(and look) absolutely incredible! And, that, i suspect will be the problem for most of us. which one to choose?

  21. lanny innis says:

    armond…i see where you’re going there…but there’s an even bigger problem…..if you don’t get your butt in gear now….your choices may be limited or non existant!

  22. armond hannder says:

    lanny….excellent point…..consider my butt EEEEENERGIZED!

  23. paul clinch says:

    while all the locations are overwhelming…for me, it’s the hilltop villages.

  24. brenda brian says:

    we’re in the same boat paul. and the photo from the top of that village looking down is…well…so “BG.”..anyone else would just take a shot from below..looking up to the village..

  25. paul clinch says:

    Absolutely brenda!- a classic example of Da bg’s photo chops…..and doubly an example of what photographers of all levels can learn with him.

  26. stanford carson clark says:

    paul…while i concur wholeheartedly with your comments….once you’ve seen the Bg’s photo site……there’s no doubt that you’re in the best of photographic hands.

  27. paul clinch says:

    Stanford – i have..and you are absolutely right..or probably “spot on” would be the correct phrase? judging from your very british name?

  28. stanford carson clark says:

    paul.indeed. your perception is “spot on!”

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