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Bicycle Gourmet’s Lavender Photo Course Workshop 2014


bicycle gourmet

Bicycle Gourmet’s Lavender Photo Course Workshop 2014…is full. Complete. Stuffed to the brim. With happy snappers. Who will be joinin’ DA BG to enhale(and that is the right word) the wonders of the emergence of Lavender  on the French Country Travel Life Backroads this here June.

But, do not, repeat do not shed any tears (crocodile or otherwise) if you weren’t able to join BG Team Lavender this time around. Because, there’s always next time! And there’s always them thar folks who have their perfectly made plans thwarted by such blue meanies as work, deadlines, and bosses with no sympathy.

But wait….there’s MORE good news! Limited space still be existin’ on the remaining 2014 BG Photo Courses. So now – not later – is the time to give them a look-see if you are a French Photo Junkie.

Throw me A Bone Here, People!

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10 Responses to “Bicycle Gourmet’s Lavender Photo Course Workshop 2014”

  1. garth branster says:

    drat!……won’t snooze next year!

  2. sheila watson says:

    garth…..DA BG hasn’t promised a “next year”…..

  3. tad sample says:

    that’s right garth….so i guess you can keep snoozin! (LOL)

  4. candance meeker says:

    well…it had to happen…..glad i didn’t “snooze”..(like some people i don’t need to mention lol!

  5. alvin sims says:

    i’m one of “them tahr folks” BG.that had their plans changed by that nasty old four letter word W-O-R-K……

    but i’m still charged up for next year..please a next year!!!

  6. robert malcom says:

    if i were a beer drinker..i’d cry in it…becasue i missed out on the lavender with DA BG…..but, hey..it wasn’t my fault. it was MY BOSSES fault!

    whaddaya gonna do?

  7. carla stavers says:

    robert…..well…you could tell the boss to go where the sun don’t shine§

  8. robert malcom says:

    happy to carla….if you’ll take care of my bills!

  9. carla stavers says:

    it’s at the top of my “to do before i die” list….no worries (lol)

  10. sam and betty feldman says:

    we got some great lavender photos last year…by accident! we just happened to be in lavender country at the right time. your photo here brings back many great memories for us.

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