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Bicycle Gourmets Photography Course Workshop France 2015


Bicycle Gourmets Photography Course Workshop France 2015. Yes, DA BG IS doin’ it all again! All that’s changed is the year. Da rest remains the same.

Tour destinations and all that good stuff can be found HERE.

New to the pulse quickening adventures World of DA BG?  – here’s our French Photo Course Workshop Video from last year..to getcha a taste of it all.


What are ya thinkin’?

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12 Responses to “Bicycle Gourmets Photography Course Workshop France 2015”

  1. fran dennis says:

    great news!!!;;I4LL BE BACK FOR SURE§§§

  2. hugo benson says:


  3. ted danbury says:

    good to see you’re opening up registration early….i know a lot of folks could’nt make last year

  4. ab rosen says:

    i was one of the unlucky one last year…due to work deadlines…but i plan to be lucky this year…way to go BG!!!

  5. dave winston says:

    i may not have bells on..but i’ll be there! (thanks for the early notice)

  6. helmut kilnedunst says:

    like very much the picture on the video….anyone know where that beautiful spot is?

  7. marion wilson says:

    hi helmut..i believe (but don’t quote me!) it’s the chateau at chinon on the river vienne.

  8. rachel forfait says:

    marion….we CAN quote you. you are 100% correct!

  9. helmut kilnedunst says:

    many thanks ladies!….i’ve put it on my “to photography before i die” list. preferably asap !(lol)

  10. ed winston says:

    wonderful to hear you’re to be touring us around again this year.

  11. irma denbeck says:

    helmut….just wanted to say that we visited chinon last year…and it ws absolutely fantastic!…very charling village…and magnifcent chateau..just like in the bg’s video.

  12. helmut kilnedunst says:

    thanks so much for the report irma…..so often the places that look great in photos turn out to be disappointing in person…good to know that chinon was up to snuff for you..(and hopefulyy for me too!)

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