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Sunshine On My 2014 French Photo Course Workshop?



Sunshine On My 2014 French Photo Course Workshop?  – The short (and honest) answer is : “probably.” However as with everything in life beyond our control, we need to realize that , especially in this case, “you pays yer money and you takes yer chances.”

But if the last few weeks here in the land o‘ DA BG are any indication (and I would like to believe they are) – our photographic weather will be so bright that, yes, we WILL “have to wear shades.”

Spring is bursting out all over as the unseasonably mild (and even warm sometimes) days are sending the “time to bloom” signals to flowers and fruit trees. 18 – 23 degree (celsius) temperatures have been enveloping not just the South (as is usually the case) but the entire nine yards o’ la Belle France.

Marvy news for the folks who grow stuff. Because every little growin’ thing is two weeks ahead of schedule.  Just compensation for last year, and earlier this one, when the weather was not just unfriendly to their crops, but devastating. (can you say: “terminator?”)

In spite of all this golden positivity (and it IS the best kind) ’tis well to remember that roughly 20 years ago, within the space of hours, in the dead of Spring, the South of France was knee deep in snow. (the first time in 30 plus years the stats say.) And because the official wisdom was: “it never snows here”, there was no sand at the ready. And so, for (maybe the last time?) Cannes (she of the film festival) and environs got to enjoy an extended period of “Winter Wonderland.”

What we will be enjoying(and i’m going out on a limb here….again) On the Bicycle Gourmet’s Photo Course Workshop for 2014 is picture postcard weather.

Just like in this here Video:

Anything else I can help with?


What are ya thinkin’?


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22 Responses to “Sunshine On My 2014 French Photo Course Workshop?”

  1. dani ashford says:

    didn’t realize you were a weatherman too! way to go BG!

  2. george walton says:

    hey dani!…..if DA BG says its gonna be sunny……i’m gonna be there! and you?

  3. dani ashford says:


  4. sue perkins says:

    if DA BG is going out on a limb…….i’m gonna join him too!

  5. amy transome says:

    first i’ve heard about the snow in the south of france. yet another gem from DA BG’s treasure chest!

  6. hugh lawry says:

    happy to hear DA BG is at last enjoying some spring weather….
    looks good for us french snappers!

  7. marion wilson says:

    my faith is totally with DA BG. but…i will still be bringing my rain gear. (NO FAITH in the weather anywhere!)

  8. paul cavanek says:

    marion….that’s a big “Amen” from me.

  9. geri walters says:

    no worries BG…i’ll be there rain, shine, snow and/or hail! (but sun would be preferable (lol!)

  10. walt stanford says:

    adding weather forecasting can only be another great arrow in the quiver of DA BG!

  11. vic cynters says:

    right on the money there walt!……maybe DA BG can make a little cash on the side with this skill?

  12. gail reimer says:

    vic..i doubt that DA BG has the time:inclination to pursue that…but i did hear of one guy who froecasted the weather for farmers in ireland..by telephone yet…..and he must have done good
    because the farmers kept coming back….cool eh?

  13. ken morton says:

    awesome idea gail…..a different spin on the 900-ask-the-judge type of info lines.

  14. valeria cartsairs says:

    great to here that spring has sprung early there…..lots of flower photos to come!

  15. barry mcmaster says:

    well noted you comment on snow in the south; NEVER put blind faith in the weather!

  16. nancy purintin says:

    hey barry…..you’re too generous; never put ANY faith in the weather!

  17. barry mcmaster says:

    Ok nancy…i stand corrected; (and humbled too! LOL!)

  18. grady martinson says:

    i won’t be able to join you on these adventures this year…but i’m certainly signing up for 2015!

  19. joan carvins-barr says:

    grady…with ya….and hopefully there WILL a 2015 workshop with DA BG. but remember this one is the first in three years!

  20. ab rosen says:

    i’d appreciate an update on just what workshops are still available.

  21. karen dennis says:

    ab.from your comment i’m assuming you missed the post where DA BG advised that when you go to sign up…..you’ll know. simple and efficient , yeah?

  22. ab rosen says:

    makes sense; thanks for bringing me up to speed karen!

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