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Tour de France Photo Holiday Workshop


bicycle gourmet’s Tour de France Photo Holiday Workshop Course 2016


Best Photo Holiday Workshops France , French Cycling Photo Holiday Workshop  Photo Tour in France is what it all comes down to. N’est ce pas?

Whether you prefer to call it a French Photographic Vacation, Landscape Photo Workshop France , French Nature Photo Workshop, or a Digital Photo Vacation Workshop France – the end result is the same. “A Rose by any other name” basically.

Because whichever label you choose the experience is the same. Fantastic! Unforgettable! Awesome! And Incredible!  It WILL be all those marvy adjectives and more, if and when you(and your camera) join Da Bg for his 2016 French Photo Holiday Tour.

You can “read all about it” HERE:

And catch “Da Vibe” in THIS HERE VIDEO.

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30 Responses to “Tour de France Photo Holiday Workshop”

  1. unger stevens says:

    no worries…we will definitely be there!

  2. harvey wallace says:

    your images alone make it impossible to resist!

  3. barbara billy says:

    harvey – Resist? resist the french landscape? history? food? wine? are you ILL???

  4. harvey wallace says:

    barbara…guess i must have been! than ks for saqving my bacon! (lol)

  5. barbara billy says:

    harvey – happy to be of service!

  6. vi anderly says:

    amazed (and delighted) at all the great images you’ve shown us!

  7. sharon marks says:

    vi – time to take some of those images hpome in your camera – don’t you think? (you DO have a camera – right)

  8. vi anderly says:

    sharon…i have three, actually.

  9. sharon marks says:

    alrighty then vi..you’re totally loaded for bear (or should i say “boar”? – as in sanglier?)

  10. vi anderly says:


  11. vi anderly says:

    sharon….that would probably be appropriate§ (lol)

  12. stanford carson clark says:

    really good lookin grapes there mr BG!

  13. emma watlins says:

    stndford – agree..but they’re probably wine by now..especially if they’re on Da Bg’s land!

  14. stanford carson clark says:

    emma..you’re probably right..but i can enjoy them either way. and you?

  15. carver hines says:

    absolutely stanford! absolutely!!!

  16. uger watts says:

    your image on the video tells the whole story!

  17. karl tremain says:

    great to learn you’re opening up the doors again this year..looking forward to joining you..if i can work around work!

  18. reg watson says:

    karl…hear ya…..”work” seems to be standing in the way of almost everything worthwhile..doesn’t it?

  19. karl tremain says:

    reg…you got that right!

  20. margot pawson says:

    will you be offering a discounted rate for those who wish to take all three tours?

  21. trevor hows says:

    margot – if you can afford to tek all three tours – you clearly don’t need a discount!

  22. errol danst says:

    absolutely trevor!….margot – you should just be grateful Da Bg is offering ANY tours this year!

  23. jane does says:

    wish i had margots problem (lol!)…..but as it is..i’ll be lucky to be able to take ONE tour..let alone three!

  24. vi anderly says:

    takes all kinds to make a world, doesn’t it jane?

  25. jane does says:

    you got that right vi!

  26. dan sanders says:

    not to be a party pooper..but….wondering if there will be a camera rental facility nearby..should anyone reqyire extra equipment?

  27. carl stavers says:

    dan..obviously i can’t speak for Da BG – but i would suggest the best course of action would be to have an extra camera body..just in case.

  28. frank andersly says:

    second that precaution carl…..and would add….have both bodies checked out BEFORE packing.

  29. harvey wallace says:

    frank..if i may chime in with more of the obvious (which somehow ALWAYS bears repeating!)..bring twice the memory cards (or film) you thin k you’ll

  30. frank andersly says:

    amen to your obvious harvey (and shame on me for missing it!)

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