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Why Choose Bicycle Gourmet’s Photography Course Workshop France 2014?

Why Choose Bicycle Gourmet’s Photography Course Workshop France 2014?


bicycle gourmets photography course workshop france 2014


Good question! And, as you would expect DA BG has the answer.

While I am generally regarded as an all around environmentally conscious recyclin’ organic,bio, tree-hugger type-o- guy who doesn’t kick his dog, helps old ladies across the street, brushes regularly and watches between meal treats, there be one (in all modesty) very significant advantage I can offer my Photo Workshop pals


10 plus years of cycling through virtually all regions of France sharing (albiet briefly) the lives of the people of ALL Nationalities that make French Country Travel Life such unique and rewarding adventure.


bicycle gourmets photography course workshop France 2014


Imagine the landscapes I’ve seen. The people I’ve met. And, not to forget, the food and wine I’ve tasted. And more to the point for my snappers, imagine 10 years (and counting) of awesome, incredible once-in-a-life time images. And (again, in all modesty) the experience that comes from everything I went through to snag them.

Experience that I can and will impart to the best of my ability. So that you will be able to personally share the indescribable beauty and wonder to be found in this here land. (The reason I’m still here, evidement!)


bicycle gourmets photography course workshop france 2014


Are there other Photographers who’ve lived in France for 10 years Plus? Absolutely. Have they travelled extensively through this land that they also love?

That’s another big “10-4.” Have they spent 5 months a year for 10 years in a different village/town every day? Je pensez pas (“I think not”)

BOTTOM LINE: DA BG has the MOST intimate knowledge of what France has to offer. For all folks. But for Photographers especially.


bicycle gourmets photography course workshop france 2014


That is why, if you’re serious about having the highest level of emotional experience, and the images that flow from that experience….you know the answer to : Why Choose Bicycle Gourmet’s Photography Course Workshop France 2014?


What are ya thinkin’?

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13 Responses to “Why Choose Bicycle Gourmet’s Photography Course Workshop France 2014?”

  1. nancy purintin says:

    makes sense to me! after all..really who IS more travelled in france than DA BG?

  2. malcom ironsides says:

    nacy: the answer to you question : NO ONE!

  3. larry croman says:

    the video you included in this post illustrates perfectly why you are the best choice for this type of workshop!

  4. dani ashford says:

    as one of your regular (and long time readers) there has never been any doubt that you are at the top of the list for anything connected with france. i signed up long ago for the lavender workshop. can’t wait!

  5. fran dennis says:

    too true dani!…..i’m going to be on that workshop too!…just looking at all the great lavender photos is not enough!

  6. milt nevers says:

    wondering if the night photo of the walled city is carcassonne?

  7. lara doone says:

    hey milt…..while they all look pretty much the same..’especially at night)…i’m willing to bet you’re on the money.

  8. sheila watson says:

    every time i see your video (and i watch it almost every day) i want to go! but unfortunately it’s not possible this year. (sniff)

  9. fran dennis says:

    don’t cry in your wine shelia!…i’m sure DA BG..and the rest of us..will be posting some of the highlights here! viva next year girl!

  10. tad sample says:

    thanks for sharing the link to your photo site. if anyone ever had any doubts about your photographic ability…..those images will surely erase them.

  11. dave winston says:

    tad..a second that emotion. thats an impressive collection of images with an equally impressive range of subjects and techniques.

  12. kandi sloan-carr says:

    right on tad and dave! DA BG is definitely at the top of his photographic game!

  13. sandra huffman says:

    kandi…and his travelling game too! (obviously – lol!!)

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