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The French Cycling Bicycle Gourmet - French Country Travel Life Film Maker and Author. Your non-snobby Gourmet Guide to food, wine travel and Lifestyle Adventure!

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Friday the 13th in France

Friday the 13th in France – Friday the 13th in France. What’s it like? How is it different from Friday the 13th in America? Why does it even exist? What do the French do on Friday the 13th? Answer to number one: Sunny and warm. A welcome relief from the previous few days of sunny […]

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Christopher Strong – Bicycle Gourmet’s Organic Wine

Christopher Strong – Bicycle Gourmet’s Organic Wine   Organic Wine, like Cryptocurrency, is on everyone’s lips. However, Wine grown organically, is definitely much more pleasing to have on your lips than a bitcoin. N’est ce pas? The Popularity of Organic wine, is the result of a general trend to more natural, chemical/pesticide free products. As […]

18Jun2021 | | 20 comments | Continued
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Bicycle Gourmet Christopher Strong’s Big Cheese Fiesta

  The Bicycle Gourmet has said, many times, that  its debateable whether France is most famous for it’s wine, or It’s cheeses. But both are absoultely worth discovering. You can taste cheeses in any of the 7 cities where cheese festivals are held, but the most popular is probably Nice. If you have a taste […]

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