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French Revolution – France is Revolting

French Revolution – France is Revolting. And it’ s not the first time. As you are no doubt well aware. In the first French Revolution, many people lost their heads, in a revolt that started over the shortage of bread. A “selective” one. As there was plently to go around for the Royals. (Suprise, suprise.) […]

17Jan2020 | | 8 comments | Continued
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Black Friday in France – Soon Banned?

Black Friday in France – soon banned? A final “au revoir” to France’s Black Friday sales frenzy? The End of Black Friday in France? That’s a Big “Absolutement” if French Politicans get their way. They’ll be voting soon on an amendment to end Black Friday in France on the grounds that it causes “resource waste” […]

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French Revolution 2019

  (Authors Note: Hopefully this post will clarify the current state of affairs in France for my English readers.) As you are well aware Paris, and all of France, is not very gay at the moment. Due to the fact that, like Louis 16th, President Emmanuel Macron as a revolution on his hands. While the […]

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