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French Cycling Gourmet

The French Cycling Gourmet.That’s how the world knows me.( My severely limited) claim to fame…(Have I had more than my 15 minutes already?)

4Jul2017 | | 6 comments | Continued
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French Travel Finds – Exceptional French Places to Stay

  French Travel Finds. Exceptional French Places To Stay. French Country Travel Life Guide. French Country Travel Life Expert. French Travel life Advisor. French Travel Life Tipster. French words and phrases that all relate to? Yes, clever you, yours unruly, the Bicycle Gourmet While I have been called almost all of the above (and other names […]

27May2016 | | 19 comments | Continued
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French Country Travel Life Cruises

    French Country Travel Life Cruises – You can have one on a multitude of waterways. As you’ve probably suspected. all depending on how long you have, and your, ahem..shall we say:”boating style?” Perhaps best known – the Loire – France’s longest river, former Number one cargo route for transporting everything to villages along, […]

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