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Exceptional French Accomodation

  French Travel Finds. Exceptional French Places To Stay. French Country Travel Life Guide. French Country Travel Life Expert. French Travel life Advisor. French Travel Life Tipster. French words and phrases that all relate to? Yes, clever you, yours unruly, the Bicycle Gourmet While I have been called almost all of the above (and other names […]

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The Heart of France

There is a place in France that marches to the beat of a different drummer. A way different drummer. A drummer with only one stick. The French call this place – “La France Profunde.” Deep France. France the way it used to be. In the good ole’ days. (you remember them, don’t you?)

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French Cycling Gourmet

The French Cycling Gourmet.That’s how the world knows me.( My severely limited) claim to fame…(Have I had more than my 15 minutes already?)

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