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Bicycle Gourmet’s 2016 Message

  Bicycle Gourmet’s 2016 a simple one. Not original. Not profound. But absolutely essential. Especially in these challenging times. “Let’s hope it’s a good one….without any fear.”                                                    – John  Lennon […]

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Best Amazon Kindle Online Self Publishing Course

  Best Amazon Kindle Online Self Publishing Course – may, at first seem a little, shall we say “off topic” for DA BG. Accustomed as you are to having him regale you (and hopefully inform) with his French Country Travel Life Adventures. However, as you, my faithful are no doubt aware, I am also an […]

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Deep French Life Questions – Part Two

If you haven’t already, reading PART ONE is advised. I think there are two reasons for this inner dialogue. The first being a (let’s hope) subtle sense of guilt from doing what you like, and enjoying it. While others, next door, and around the World have less, much less or nothing. The second is the […]

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