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Tour de France News 2015

  Tour de France News 2015 – Why hasn’t DA BG, French Cycling Gourmet non snobby guide to all things French given you any? Well – other than the obvious(and logical answer) – that being that Le Tour is in the World’s eyeballs thanks to a multitude of media more powerful (and perhaps insightful) than any […]

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Forbes, Da BG and le Tour de France

  Forbes, Da BG and le Tour de France.  Photo ops. Landscape, Nature, travel. Bien sur! Only natural Da Bg should have an interest here, n’est ce pas? but what about Forbes? Chroniclers of all things business and dollars. What connection could there possibly be here? Forbes Scribbler  Jim Basingame has da answer: 1. Team […]

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Last Minute Christmas Shopping France

  Last Minute Christmas Shopping France is pretty much like Last Minute Christmas Shopping everywhere. (except we eat crossaints – not hot dogs) Frenchies, like folks in the excited states are hunched over their Christmas Catalogs, searching for those perfect Christmas Gift Ideas. Hoping also that they’ll find some Last Minute Christmas Shopping Deals Online […]

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