French Culture

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French Logic

French Logic is not the same logic that flows through the viens of non-froggies. It is a, shall we say, “unique” perception of what is,what could be, and how you should get there.

3Jul2017 | | 5 comments | Continued
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Bicycle Gourmet Tour de France Update 2015

Bicycle Gourmet Tour de France Update 2015 – you know FROMME extended his lead, and IVAN BASSO bailed…so I don’t have to (and I won’t!) repeat what you can find elsewhere whenever you Google “Tour du France 2015.” What you CAN’T find elsewhere Is DA BG’s Tour de France update…that has nothing to do with […]

14Jul2015 | | 21 comments | Continued
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Tour de France News 2015

  Tour de France News 2015 – Why hasn’t DA BG, French Cycling Gourmet non snobby guide to all things French given you any? Well – other than the obvious(and logical answer) – that being that Le Tour is in the World’s eyeballs thanks to a multitude of media more powerful (and perhaps insightful) than any […]

11Jul2015 | | 17 comments | Continued