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The Mad King

  authors note: It’s rare that I write on a non-French subject. But this situation concerns the World. In his recent book, “The Mad King – His Non-Fake Facts”, Investigative Journalist Atherton Cooper details the “career arc” of the conman who became (a self-appointed) King. Donald Trump. As he was ascending to his “throne” (courtesy […]

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French Coronoavirus Samaritan

French Coronoavirus Samaritan is, as I explained in my last post, the gignormous French luxury conglomerate LVMH.  While the names, Dior,Givenchy,Guerlain and Fendi are universally familar – there is a name connected with the French Coronavirus Samaritan that,unless you’re intro International business, will not ring any bells. That name is: Bernard Arnault. He is the […]

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French Cognac For Angels

  I’m imagining it’s probable you’ve never heard of French Cognac For Angels. If so, lucky you for stopping by. Because DA BG’s fellow scribbler Alex Vargara is now going to complete your Cognac Angel Education: “Fueled by a growing middle class with a voracious appetite for aspirational products, Asia, including developing markets like Vietnam […]

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