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The Mad King

  authors note: It’s rare that I write on a non-French subject. But this situation concerns the World. In his recent book, “The Mad King – His Non-Fake Facts”, Investigative Journalist Atherton Cooper details the “career arc” of the conman who became (a self-appointed) King. Donald Trump. As he was ascending to his “throne” (courtesy […]

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French Coronoavirus Samaritan

French Coronoavirus Samaritan is, as I explained in my last post, the gignormous French luxury conglomerate LVMH.  While the names, Dior,Givenchy,Guerlain and Fendi are universally familar – there is a name connected with the French Coronavirus Samaritan that,unless you’re intro International business, will not ring any bells. That name is: Bernard Arnault. He is the […]

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French Faux Champagne Fight.

      The French Faux Champagne Fight is a serious battle. Ongoing. And, and the best Hollywood  tradition – it’s a David and Goliath mix-up. But, more on that later. First –  important to clarify what I mean by “faux” French Champagne. Not, as you might imagine Champagne produced by non-Frenchies claiming to be […]

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