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French Love Story – Part Two

(Authors Note : Part One might be helpful for connecting the dots.) After a month of cinematic travels, I returned. With, naturally, equal amounts of anticipation and trepidation. Had I correctly assessed Michelle’s reaction to the exotic stanger from the far away lands? Or was it just another faux tremor from fantasy island? Unloading the […]

14Mar2012 | | 16 comments | Continued
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French Love Story – Part One

For all who voyage beyond the ‘fridge, the romance of travel includes the possibility of romance while travelling. Happily, I have enjoyed both flavours. It was an eggs-on-the-pavement Summer day in the South that I landed on the doorstep of “The two G’s.” Gabriel and Gilbert. Two of their three teenage sons were musicians/cyclists, so […]

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French Country Life Confidental – Part Three

  (Reading Part One and/or Part Two will bring you up to speed) Recognize This Guy? If you remember Ichabod Crane, You’d recognize Rene. Hawk nose. Deep set piercing eyes. High cheekbones. Angular face. And a frame more “fashionably lean” than even da BG! When I tried to visualize him at school, I first thought […]

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