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French Lifestyle Cycling

Just when you think there’s nothin’ new under the cycle travellin’ sun – a new idea squirts some grease on your gears. Like – Why not make French Cycle travel a lifestyle? Not just a vacation option? Ok – not a new idea for me, bien sur, but then, I’m an exception. Not the rule. […]

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French Travel – Part Two

More good news… All trains, TGV and TER are 99% on time. And, I’ve found the “trainpersons”(with very few exceptions) to be extremely helpful and courteous. In major stations, someone(maybe even some two)will speak English. Otherwise, someone may speak “a leetle eeeglish.” 6. Bus In three words – “Don’t go there.”  There is no French […]

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French Travel – Part One

Like ex-employers who insist “your cheque is in the mail”, I’ve always been suspicious of the proclamation: “Statistics don’t lie.”They are ,after all, the mathematical creations of Statisticians. The Human kind. Who have been known to”misspeak”themselves. And even, on occasion(shock horror)lie! Thus,it is a minor(personal)miracle I have no such qualms with the statistic that French […]

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