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French Cuisine – Bio?

While French Cuisine has always been fresh, (it’s major “secret”), and is often “organic”, nowadays it as ascended to “bio.” Short for “biodynamic.” As in grown according to biodynamic methods So what exactly, you  may well ask, are ‘biodynamic methods? And how do they differ from “organic methods?” To paraphrase a famous  line from Groucho […]

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French Wine Writer

I bet you’ve noticed – that every time think you’ve got things pretty well sussed out in your little world, when you think you’ve got a handle on the way things work, what needs to be done, by who and how – you get an unexpected wake up call – (and aren’t those the best […]

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Fathers of French Cuisine – Escoffier

Unlike his predecessors, Auguste Escoffier cooked for the public. Not privately for royalty and high society as was the case for Antoine Careme. And to a lesser extent La Varenne. But building on the foundations that La Varenne and Careme established, Escoffier donated the final refinements to French Cuisine as we know it today. Escoffier’s […]

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