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French Churches – part Four of Four

Circumstantial Evidence Ok – a potpourri of “miracles” now n’ then. The virgin Mary appears. The sick are healed. God talks to Moses.(According to the Bible. A cusinart of rumour,innuendo and questionable “facts” assembled by hundreds of special interest “authors” over thousands of years. Now – that’s credibility…..right?) Callin’ the “G” Man Would’nt ya think […]

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French Churches – Part Two of Four

Cash ‘n Christ Although the Templars “raison d’etre” was to  bring their version of “Holiness” to the Holy Land, only 10% of the T-team actually wielded a sword. The other 15 to 20 thousand organized and maintained a European wide economic infrastructure. Which was, basically, the first bank. The Templar organization provided escrow services, as […]

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