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Strauss Kahn – Stylistically Challenged?

While the Offical motto of France is :”Libertie, Egalitie, Fraternitie”, there is an unoffical, but integral 4th element: Privacy. While France is (again) “offically” a devout Catholic Nation, it has an almost Religious tolerance for “non-Catholica”activities. Particularly when they relate to “relations intime.” Basically the French mind set is :”We don’t care who you screw, […]

6Sep2011 | | 13 comments | Continued
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Strauss Kahn – Speed Bumps On The Palace Road

In my last post, I said that if Dominique Strauss Kahn decides to throw his hat(or whatever else he may be in the mood to toss) into the “I-wanaa-be-President” ring, no one could stop him. While I’m not changing that rant, DSK will, nonetheless have to (successfully) negotiate several speed bumps on the road to […]

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