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Live French Saints – part one

      French Country Travel Life Saints are everywhere here. Down every obscure byway. In villages and cities. Always ready willing and able to effortlessly shower you with their self-less help and hospitality. As you would expect, I’ve met many in my zillion and a half years of surfing the French Country Backroads. But […]

14Sep2018 | | 34 comments | Continued
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French Treasure

The greatest “Treasure of France” for me, are the French people.(and isn’t that true wherever you go?) It’s the people that make the place. And the French people have made France a place of genuine hospitality. And, no, contrary to popular folklore, they’re not arrogant.The word is – Proud. And with good reason. Neither are […]

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French Travel Photo Options

Joke European:(to American)”What part of Europe did you like best?”American:”Dunno,have’nt got the pictures back yet.” Obviously a joke as old as an 8 track tape player. N’est ce pas? Because in the ab/fab digital world of now, our American(or even our Armenian)would be digging those cool pix(not a plug,really!) instantly.That, being the primary selling point […]

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