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French Family Wino


In his classic book – “Small is Beautiful” – E.F. Schumacher reminded us of what we already knew. That size isn’t(always) everything; that the smallest fruit is the sweetest; and that shortest is usually best.

Taking my cue from point number three, here’s a video that’s short. But which, for me, underscores the experiences I’ve been fortunate enough to share with the people of all Nationalities . It reasonates particularly, and, obviously personally, with the French. And with the atmosphere of French Country Life’s emphasis on two essential threads in their Human tapestry – Family and Wine.

Ok – let’s keep this short, and get to the short!

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9 Responses to “French Family Wino”

  1. bonita perez says:

    You’re right. Short, but definitely very sweet.

  2. karin mannis says:

    truly one of the shorest, but best of your always excellent posts.

  3. dick deveroe says:

    I’ve never been to France(altho i DO like their wine!) – but your video has got me off my butt and onto my travel agent.
    a bientot?

  4. renee bester says:

    as your other commentators have said, this is short and very sweet. Really giving the flavor of the countryside.

  5. ted rancine says:

    While I agree with your other readers who have commented on the atmosphere your video displays, I’m especially intrigued by the way you manage to make the ultimate French visual cliche – the wine bottle(s) seem fresh and new. You have a great eye!

  6. alice wanderly says:

    your other readers have beaten me to the punch with their reactions. all i can add is thanks for keeping up the quality
    content! (p.s. no, i don’t work for google! (lol!)

  7. kevin herdandez says:

    makes me want to hop a plane right now!

  8. sara tresset says:

    A very beautiful and moving portrait of french country life. Easy to see why you’re so attracted to it!

  9. barton greisller says:

    this is cool….but i really liked your take on the adventures of Mr. DSK. will you be bringing him back for an encore?

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