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French Country Travelling Wine

French Country Traveling Wine – well,bien sur, MANY French Wines travel. Do they not? Thanks to the well deserved reputation of the fermented grape juice available on these here shores. (Uh..that would be..DA BG shores?) But I thought it might be instructive to share the tale of one such French Country Travelling Wine, that has […]

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5 French Wine Tasting Tips

        5 French Wine Tasting Tips – wot – ONLY 5 you say? Well – truth be told – Da Bg would say that they may well be more than 5..but sommelier Magandeep Singh has narrowed ’em down…to get ya properly started in French Wino -dom. Here’s his rant – from The Financial […]

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French Country Travel Life Loire Wine Lowdown

    The vineyards of Sancerre in the Loire Valley Julian Elliott Ethereal Light The  French Country Travel Life Loire Wine Lowdown was hinted at  in my last post…or rather my last post by a guest scribbler…the beautiful, talented and ever chic Karen Schwartz. Therein, DA BG detailed the two major wine varieties of the ab/fab […]

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