French History

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Bicycle Gourmet’s French Chateau

  Bicycle Gourmet’s French Chateau – truth be told – is not actually owned by your humble scribbler. But it is the one, of all I have known and seen – that I would like to be the owner of. While it’s a cliche to say Chenonceau is “steeped in History” (and what French Chetau […]

5Jan2016 | | 34 comments | Continued
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Da Bg’s French Country Travel Life Clock

Da Bg’s French Country Travel Life Clock – ain’t really mine. But without me telling you -you’d never know would you? And Da Bg is tellin’ you, because in all my zillion year  and a half years of French Country Travel Life Adventures – I’ve never seen anything even remotely close to the“Horologe (clock) Astronomique […]

28May2015 | | 6 comments | Continued
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French Country Travel Life History Lesson

  This French Country Travel Life History Lesson is one of the few that appear in this space. But it’s here precisely because it’s a piece of French History not well known. And it needs to be. After all DA BG’s mission is to hip you to all that you’re not hip to. Right? The Celebrated […]

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