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Bicycle Gourmet’s Non Chocolate Easter Eggs


Bicycle Gourmet’s Non Chocolate Easter Eggs. They’re tasty! They’re colorful! but…they’re not chocolate. However, on the plus side, unlike the chocolate variety, DA BG’s Non Chocolate Easter Eggs are Permanent.  They will live as long as you do. Maybe longer.

Another huge bennie is the fact that unlike the chocolate kind, which only bring enjoyment one time, the Non Chocolate Eggs of The Bicycle Gourmet Easter Variety will bring you oddles of joy,contentment(and possibly inspiration) every day.

Now, don’t get the idea I’m dissin’ the chocolate variety. No Sir and Ma’m! I will be chowin’ down on them as well. (Gotta love those chocolate bunnies!) But, I always like to offer you experiences that are, well…”off the beaten track.” (As you’re probably aware) And what could be MORE off the trail of regular hum-drum predictable than Non Chocolate Easter Eggs From the Bicycle Gourmet?

Just one thing to keep in mind. They’re not edible. Ok, you could chow down on them if you’re either very hungry, a little weird, or both. But they wouldn’t be “tasty” in that sense.

You’ll understand exactly what i mean when you check out : the Bicycle Gourmet’s Non Chocolate Easter Eggs

And hey, Happy Easter!

Throw me A Bone Here, People!

What are ya thinkin’?

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9 Responses to “Bicycle Gourmet’s Non Chocolate Easter Eggs”

  1. jane collins-clark says:

    you really know how to arouse curiosity mr bg! this was one great idea!

  2. quentin forrester says:

    only DA BG could have created this post…very original! (as always)

  3. marion wilson says:

    checked out your link….very impressive!

  4. dave winston says:

    absolutely gobsmacked by these images. had no idea you were such a talented photographer!

  5. unger stevens says:

    dave said it all…….truly amazing images….a great example of why anyone interested in photography should be on a BG workshop!

  6. ed mason says:

    your talents are endless!..not only a great writer..but a great (as in original!) photographer. hats off to DA BG!

  7. arnie nemons says:

    i can’t think of any writers who could sustain a metaphor for as long as you did..and with continuing to perk the readers interest. bravo!

  8. norm flockhart says:

    why is chocolate reserved for easter!..chocolate all year round!!!

  9. lara doone says:

    as others have noted..a very creative and informative post. you DO spoil us; and we love it!

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