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Black Friday in France – Soon Banned?

Black Friday in France – soon banned? A final “au revoir” to France’s Black Friday sales frenzy? The End of Black Friday in France? That’s a Big “Absolutement” if French Politicans get their way.

They’ll be voting soon on an amendment to end Black Friday in France on the grounds that it causes “resource waste” and “overconsumption.”

The amendment essentially equates Black Friday to “aggressive commercial practices” which is punishable by two years imprisonment and a maximum fine of 300,000 euros ($330,000).

Also adding fuel to the ban Black Friday Fire, the French Ecology Minister dumped on France’s Black Friday saleathon for creating “traffic jams, pollution and gas emissions.”

Not suprisingly, the prospect of No more Black Friday in France gets a big thumbs up from enivronmentalists.

In a show of solidiarty with politicans (a once in a blue moon occurence) the “Friends of the Earth” group blocked the entry to an Amazon warehouse in Northern France with a blanket of broken refigerators, microwaves, and hay.

Some stores are already leading their campaign against the commercial event. This month, 600 French brands created an anti-Black Friday collective to “Make Friday Green Again.” The movement Youth For Climate is calling for a “Block Friday” demonstration in major French cities.

On the other side of the fence – as you would expect – France’s commercial union has called the proposal “ridiculous”, saying that it prevents people benefiting from promotions for Christmas shopping.

French Economists fear that the amendment will disproportionately penalize small French businesses since bigger e-commerce companies won’t fall under the law. Some suggest it would be better to educate consumers against waste instead of forbidding the commercial practice of Black Friday.

While there are two(or more) sides to every story – The French Politicans rally to ban Black Friday in France has more than a “soupcon” of hypocrisy.

Owning to the fact that “sales” (soldes) occur (minimum) 8 months of the year. Also creating “resource waste, overconsumption” and contributing to “traffic jams, pollution” and gas emissions.”

See the Anti-Black Friday Protestors in this video.

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26 Responses to “Black Friday in France – Soon Banned?”

  1. Bob Vincente says:

    tough call isn,t it? people want the goodies. but don,t want the associated hassle.

  2. seems like the french want to abolish everything, doesn’t it? or is it just me?

  3. your video really drives home the madness that is black friday. But, despite all the hype – is it really any “madder” than Christmas?

  4. good point dennis. christmas, black friday , and not to forget -“cyber monday” are all certainly joined at the hip.

  5. you make a good point about the hypocitical stance of the french politicians. on one hand – like politicans everywhere – they want to boost the economy – on the other they want to restict an event that pours a hefty amount of tax money into their coffers.

  6. sounds like “have your cake and eat it too” to me!

  7. you got that right fanny! – but then, how can you NOT be a hypocrite if you’re a politician?

  8. ivan renovic says:

    regardless of the issue – wthere it’s black friday or the “gilet jaunes” protests – at least the french express their opinions without reservation..
    and, of course, USUALLY though demonstrations!

  9. i hear ya ivan – especially about the demonstrations – for example today the entire country is paralyzed by a general strike – trains, buses, planes, subways, stores, hospitals – not exactly “liberty, equality and Fraternity!”

  10. Too true Jack! – I think that’s a classic example of too much “freedom of expression” – and the French right to “demonstrate” every time they’re not getting what they feel they deserve.

  11. could you be referring to the “yellow Vest” protestors kevin?

  12. Absolutely Lannie – they’ve been blocking raods for – I dont know exactly — every saturday for more than a year, plus causing millions of euros damage smashing stores, defacing monuments….because they want more “purchasing power.” – obviously not clear that destroying the economy isn’t the way to reform it! if this was happening in the USA – it would last one weekend.

  13. daphne goode says:

    sounds like you’re suggesting more than black friday needs to banned kevin.

  14. You got that right Daphne! – but the problem is that in French the right to demonstrate is in their consitution. and their president, who could declare an emergency has got no balls. that’s why it’s gone on for so long. with every new, more damage caused demonstration – he needs to call out more cops/army…and of course, thereù,s the inevitable cries of “police brutality.”

  15. daphne goode says:

    OK Kevin – imagine with my(imagined) magical powers – i’m appointing you the new president of france. what would your solution to the yellow vest protestors be?


  17. carl randle says:

    looks like the “make Friday Green Again” faction has a tough row to hoe with all those consumers clammering for more!

  18. ned parsons says:

    as other commentors have noted – always seems to be something the french are protesting.

  19. i see where you’re coming from ned – and the current protests are on a subject that we could all understand – reform of the retirement system. macron and his pals basically want everyone to work longer.

  20. I,ve read thye want to raise the retirement age from 63 to 67. Can anyone confirm?

  21. lou milano says:

    hey hennie – don’t know for sure – but what you’re saying rings true for me from the newscasts i’ve seen.

  22. IMHO – the problem isn’t any one “sale event” – whether it’s christmas, black friday, cyber monday or the classic “going out of business -everything must go.” it’s the consumer mentality. which i don,t think can be changed.

  23. pretty hard to argue against that one Cynthia! Well observed.

  24. i totally agree cynthia – we’ve all been programmed to believe that we’re incomplete..and the only way to get complete is to buy more!

  25. lyndon grove says:

    so doreeanna – taking your point – is it a safe bet that depite all the friction now , the french black friday will be back next year?

  26. lyndon – i’d bet my favorite box of french chocolate on it!

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