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Dominique Strauss Kahn – Guilty, But Free

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Yes, yes, a PROVOCATIVE headline I know…but one that I, and I stress I, believe to be true. Examine the facts. Strauss Kahn has a history of ..ahem..shall we say..”adventures” with Women. During his tenure as head of the International Monetary fund(IMF, hereinafter) he had a consensual affair with a colleague. For which he apologized in writing to his Board of Directors saying: “My behaviour was inappropriate.

For your average Frenchman perhaps. But for, “the Great Seducer?” (his French nickname) Before and since then, there have been numerous rumors (And aren’t they the best kind?) innuendos and, like the IMF “tryst”, facts. Fact: Strauss Kahn propositioned several Female Sofitel hotel employees. Offering to share a bottle of Dom Perignon with one. In his private suite, of course.

< img src=/"dsk-the-great-seducer.jpg"alt="dskthegreat-seducer"/>Bottom Line: Strauss Kahn, by his own admission “loves Women.” What’s in question here is the way in which he expresses that “love.”

And that’s exactly the point here. Circumstantial evidence you say? Granted. But it does demonstrate a pattern of, to be chartiable, “manipulative alpha Male behaviour.” If it’s (you’ll pardon the unfortunate, but accurate phrase) “hard evidence” you want, does not DSK’s semen on her dress, ripped clothing, and (her)”genital redness” qualify?

< img src=/"cyrus-vance-jr.jpg"alt="cyrusvance-jr"/>And, more to the point, should not the assessement of what that hard evidence says about the events in room 2806 be made by a jury? Not a prosecutor quivering in his booties over re-election chances?

You don’t have to read my lips here folks.It’s not complicated. Dominique Strauss Kahn is free. But he was not found NOT GUILTY. He was excused from facing the consequences of his actions by a Prosecutor with no cojones. (If you don’t speak Spanish, now is the time to “google” that word)

So, what’s in the cards now for DSK? Would you believe – President of France? Absolutely possible. And you now why? (You know I’m dying to tell you, right?) Because the World loves an underdog! The World loves anyone who previously disgraced, redeems themselves.

Remember Marion Barry, the former Mayor of Washington D.C., caught snorting coke on hidden video? Did he get re-elected? AB-SA-FREAKIN-LOUT-LY! And why? Because the World ESPECIALLY loves reformed celebrity drug abusers. Into rehab/Outa the toilet/Back into office!

And, lucky for him, DSK has waaaay more going for him than Marion Barry. His trump card being “I told you so.” He steadfastly maintained his innocence.(like O.J.) And, like O.J.,he walked. Naturally, “The Great Seducer” is much too smooth an operator to shout this from the rooftops. His publicity machine will take care of that. Ever so subliminally, of course.

< img src=/"anne-sinclair.jpg"alt="annesinclair"/>Don’t forget to take into account DSK’s banker. His wife, Anne Sinclair. A Billionairess, who has keep the Strauss Khan “brand” alive, and constantly publicized for the past twenty years. And what was it all leading up to? – The Presidental Palace, bien sur! Where the current occupant, Nicholas Sarkozy must be shaking anew in his booties over DSK’s return. Why? – Could it be because BEFORE his “troubles” in New York, Strauss Kahn was 20% ahead of Sarko in the polls?

And this was BEFORE he had even announced he was in the race.

Bottom Line: There is no one folks,…and I mean absolutely no one who stands a chance if DSK decides he wants to be the next President of France.

That’s my rant. And I’m sticking to it.

What about you?

What are ya thinkin’?

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16 Responses to “Dominique Strauss Kahn – Guilty, But Free”

  1. gary pedersen says:

    What I love about your current events posts, is exactly what I love about all your other writing. The humor! Yes, we’ve come to expect that from your life experiences posts, but it’s so refreshing to hear your spin on the events of the day..without them being the usual dry, over-analyzed B.S. we usually get.

  2. sandra laddie-carr says:

    i totally agree with your commenter gary. you have a knack for seeing the humorous side of every story (even if the subject is a little on the dark side lol!)…while not skimping on the facts.

  3. Matt Hansen says:

    I get the feeling that a guy with his bankroll had to have more than just good lawyers on the payroll to walk from this one. Know what I mean?

  4. findlay carstairs says:

    A chilling thought indeed – a rapist becomes President of France.

  5. helen martview says:

    I am appaled and shocked beyond belief that this rapist was set free. A disgusting and flagrant example of just how loudly money talks!

  6. Nick Alesandro says:

    Just to add to Helen’s comment – in addition to the money aspect, don’t forget the politics here….as the BG pointed out…it was the District Attorney who did an “end run” with justice here – precluding a jury from deciding “reasonable doubt.”

  7. bobby versace says:

    right on nick!…..i think he said something along the lines of “since we don’t believe her beyond a reasonable doubt…..we don’t think a jury will.” excuse me, but isn’t that the jury’s job???

  8. collen mortimer says:

    I agree with the other commenters in so far as it’s clear justice was not served here, but the one positive thing to come out of this certainly is an increased awareness, and hopefully co-operation from abused women everywhere. “We’re mad as hell..and we’re not going to take it anymore!!!”

  9. irene dunne says:

    Collen has spoken for all women with that comment. We keep hearing about “equality between the sexes”….but when sex is concerned…there is no equality for women.

  10. danny valeasco says:

    OK…enough of this female whining about lack of equality! Sure – i believe women should be believed when they speak up against a man..
    but getting into the men vs women mode just divides people…..men and women……who might just have the same opinion…..see what i’m driving at?

  11. franklin jonnas says:

    I don’t want to say we should thank Strauss Kahn for anything….but the positive result from his negative behaviour will surely be the increased conciousness from all who truly value and respect equality to redouble their efforts for it. Eyes on the prize people!

  12. jaunita morales says:

    i think there is many people who agree that it not right this man should go free after what he do. i pray for miss diallo.

  13. ronnie pickersley says:

    i see where you’re going with this….but i think the wild card here is not the rape charge that’s waiting for him….but whatever other
    women he’s , as you putit so well, “loved” may come forward.

  14. uga olseen says:

    A tragedy for justice – but a victory for awareness. Which certainly will be translated into action to prevent more “money talks” tragedies like this one.

  15. Barney Nazarine says:

    BG – you’re right on with the “reformed celebrity drug users”..and yeah, of course i remember marion barry…..i wonder if anyone (expect women) will remember DSK in 10 years?

  16. jean paul villeneuve says:

    just to let your american readers know, although we french have a reputation for being sexually liberal, no reasonable person here would condone or attempt to rationalise the inexcuseable actions of
    m.strauss kahn. he gives france a bad name.

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