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French Politics – Part One

Of all the great “bon mots” of wisdom my Father imparted before sending me out into the World – the most enduring and effective was : “If you want to get along with as many people as possible, never discuss Religion,Sex or Politics.”

While I have, in the main, adhered to this Fatherly sagess, there have been exceptions.This Religious Rant for example. And, sigh, yes, Religious Rant two, and Religious Rant three. As far as Sex is concerned – there I follow another non-Fatherly pearl of wisdom: “Those who can do, do – those who can’t do, teach.” (Or worse yet, just blah-blah)

I’ve had significantly more success with ranting about Politics. Managing(thus far) to limit myself to this post. However, I’m now about to throw caution, whatever else I can lift, and dear ole dad’s advice to the wind. Yes,  dear reader, I really am going to pull back the flap on the tent of French politics.

And, like Politics in any other Western Democracy(Forget for a moment it’s actually a Republic.) – it is a circus. The good news is that like circuses(circi?) everywhere the French “race for the throne” is wildly entertaining.

Unlike it’s imagination bereft neighbours, who like those mighty anacronyms – USA and UK can only manage two(rarely three) pretenders to the throne, France, in the last election trotted out at least thirteen. (More on that HERE.)

The major players warming themselves(and, they hope, voters)up for “game 2012” are as varied and eclectic as the cheeses for which this land is (justly)famed.

Starting at the top(and isn’t that always the best place?) we have the current Napolean Nicholas Sarkozy. Ruler of all he surveys. And(at last count) 61 cars. (Hey – how can you expect to run a Palace with less?)

“Sarko” – as he’s been annointed by the press, was the Justice Minister during the reign of Jacques Chirac. Now facing “Justice” himself for allegations he padded the City payroll with invisible employees while he was Mayor of Paris.

Monsieur Le President, famous for his Type A”King o’ the Hill” style, dis-endeared himself to many froggies after his election by immediately holidaying on a rich pal’s yacht. And, yes, “Sarko” does have a lot of rich pals. Not to mention his own plane. (We’re talkin’ Boeing here, not Cessna, folks.)

Although History may remember Nicolas Sarkozy for other things, he holds the distinction of being the first sitting President to divorce. Now married to former singer/model Carla Bruni. Thereby assuring the tabloids of an endless supply of verbal and pictorial ka-ka.

A poster boy for the George “dub-ya” Bush flavor of Economics, Sarko’s slash, burn and bury forays – particularly into Social Services have crippled entire programs. And decimated others. Radically changing the structure of the land of Wine, Cheese and Johnny Halladay.

This, understandably, has cause the panties of many to be knotted. Resulting in an approval rating that while not in the toilet, is definitely circling the bowl.

But regardless of his Politics, there is one thing about Nicholas Sarkozy that all French People can relate to. He enjoys a good glass of wine.

More from the thrill-a-minute big top of French politics next time.

Feeling more informed, are we?


What are ya thinkin’?

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2 Responses to “French Politics – Part One”

  1. andy tremain says:

    it never ceases to amaze (and depress me!) at the total lack of quality in political leaders. i thought things were bad here in the states, but your post makes it clear that mediocrity is the standard of excellence there too!

  2. audrey rentner says:

    Your post gives me a real “been there-done that” feeling….and the end video perfectly summarizes the “quality” of politics…Not just in France…..but everywhere….(I guess you know there’s an even drunker video of “dub-ya” on the internet.)

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