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French Politics – Part Three

image <img src=/"nicholas-hulot.jpgalt="nicholas-hulot"/>

In every political race there is one candidate who seems to be a real alternative to the current “flop at the top.” A “Golden Boy”(or girl, as the case may be) already known to, not to mention loved and admired by “le grand public.” In this power dash that candidate is Nicholas Hulot.

image <img src=/"hulot_in-ulm".jpg.alt"hulot-inulm"/>Not golden boy – more accurately “Eco-Boy.” Owing principally to his TV show “Ushuaia”  In which he pilots his ULM (ultra light aircraft) over bucolic countrysides, reconnecting us to the beauties of nature. And educating us to the everpresent environmental dangers.

In addition to his TV show, Nicholas Hulot also has a magazine by the same name. Going ever further green, in 1990 he created a foundation named after, what else? – his TV show and magazine. Changing the name in 1995 to “Fondation Nicholas Hulot pour le Nature et L’Homme”                                 image <img src=/"hulot-fond-logo.jpg.alt="hulot-fondimage"/>

Before arriving at the top of the tree of green, Nicholas Hulot was a photographer, radio journalist/producer and expedition organizer.

But once at the top, he began exercising his considerable “green muscle.” Getting 5 of the candidates in the 2007 election(including Emperor Sarko) to agree to make ecology a recognized priority. Since it was estimated that Monsieur Hulot could garner 15% of the vote if he ran – the other candidates quickly signed on to his “Pacte Ecologique.”

So – it’s clear in whose pocket the green vote rests. Is it not? But will it be enough against the enthroned muscle of big business? The real power behind any throne? Logic would say no. Logic would say it’s David Against Goliath with no slingshot. But then logic said the O.J. would have been convicted first time around. Did it not?

image <img src=/"hulot-port-one.jpg"alt="hulot-portone"/>And more to the point, there’s no logic in politics. As you well know, dear reader.  Further Nicholas Hulot has some unquestionable assets and advantages:

1. He’s a household word. Regardless of your politics – you know who he is.

2. He’s young. A boyish 56.

3. A Natural communicator.

4. No (Known) ties to corporate criminals.

5. Untainted(thus far) by the brush of scandal.

6. Offers an alternative to froggies who are anti Sarko/P.S. And equally to French who would rather fill their apero glasses with ammonia than vote Front National.

Thus Monsieur Hulot is curiously in the position of being “the spolier” for Marine Le Pen! A lucky by-product of his candidacy.

BOTTOM LINE : Nicholas Hulot’s greatest single advantage is that he’s offering a fourth option and what would otherwise be a three horse race.

image <img src=/"hulot-ushuaia.jpg"alt="hulot-ushuaia"/>

Ready to place your bets?


What are ya thinkin’?

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4 Responses to “French Politics – Part Three”

  1. percival landstrom says:

    Normally I would expect you to be the last person commenting on politics – but this post, and the two previous, prove there is no limit to your ability or imagination. Well done!

  2. avery lavell says:

    i get the impression that this guy is just too squeaky clean to be real. but, i guess time(and the voters) will tell.

  3. stig laarsen says:

    this guy doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of winning. that’s MY analysis. but i really enjoyed yours!

  4. billy bob barnhill says:

    This guy has’nbt got a chance. THAT’s what i’m thinkin’!

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