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French Revolution – France is Revolting

French Revolution – France is Revolting. And it’ s not the first time. As you are no doubt well aware.

In the first French Revolution, many people lost their heads, in a revolt that started over the shortage of bread. A “selective” one. As there was plently to go around for the Royals. (Suprise, suprise.)

BTW – There’s no evidence to confirm that Marie Antoinette actually responded to the peasant’s bread-less plight by saying: “Let them eat cake.”( Although you have to admit, it’s a great sound bite.)

France Revolting for the second time was much more recent, and, happily this time, the “losing of heads” was emotional and not (mortally) physical. I explained this “revolting” state of affairs,which is still marginally continuing, in THIS POST.

French Revolution No. 3 is now upon us. And it is a Blockbuster. The Mother of all Revolutions French.

Because the entire country is revolting!

Train drivers/conductors. Lawyers. Doctors. Nurses. Office workers. Secretaries. Plumbers. Electricians. Longshoremen.

Bottom line: Everyone not wearing a $200 suit and/or driving a $50,000 car.

Refineries are being blocked. Gas stations low on/and/or out of gas. Ports shut down by “revolters.” Ships can’t unload cargo. Ditto for long haul truckers stuck as revolters barricade highways.

And this time it’s NOT about bread. This Third French Revolution is all about the French Retirement age. Which the Government wants to extend by two years, and institute a “one size fits all” financial rewards system.

Which, as even a high school dropout(me) can understand, is several light years past planet pathetic.(In the galaxy of stupid.)

Here’s why: different occupations have different “game over” ages.

Ballet dancers are “over the hill” at 45. (If not earlier) Office workers can go the distance to 62 with no sweat.

Other occupations, roofer, for example, are more physically demanding and/or more dangerous.

Traditionally, the differences in these occupations was taken into account at cash out time. Now – new ball game – if the elyseè palace has it’s way.

And that – is what has (almost) all the French Panties in a knot.

As you would expect – as tempers rise and tensions come along for the ride – there are “incidents” on both sides of the fence.

Cops stepping “out of line” – revolters smashing shops and burning cars. The “business as usual” aspects of any “demonstration” with unequal participants with (often) different agendas. (ie – the “casseurs” and the “gilet jaunes” – you DID read THIS POST – right?)

One of the cornerstones of the French Constitution is the “right to demonstrate.” (Their word is: “manifestation.”)

And, this Revolution notwithstanding, the French are totally ready to “manifest” at the drop of a hat/and/or privilege denied.

So much so, that many French refer to their country, jokingly, but accurately as “le paye du grevè. (The country of strikes.”)

Where/when will this Revolting French Revolution end?

“God only knows. God makes his plans. The informations not available to the mortal man.”

                                         – Slip Slidin’ Away – Paul Simon –



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8 Responses to “French Revolution – France is Revolting”

  1. thanks for the inside scoop on what’s happening there now. we never get the full picture on the U.S. news.

  2. i see what you mean about the french always being on strike. seems every time there, news from there – thats what its about.

  3. genius contrasting the people’s plight with the prez living it up with his wine! (this era’s Marie Antoinette?)

  4. right on ralph! – or should i say “BG?” – that’s the way i saw it too.

  5. pam wilson says:

    looks like this could be the last – and most fatal french rev. – especially for the economy.

  6. I agree that the “one size fits all” solution is NOT the way to go.

  7. marili rush says:

    Gerry – the “one size fits all” remedy rarely is.

  8. your opening image is totally classic – the french president looks like he’s about three glasses over the line.(at least)

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