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French Sorrow – World Problem



(Author’s Note: While I strive to share the bright side of French Life, there are times when you need to see the darkness. Especially when the issue concerns everyone. This, is such a time.)

All of France is in shock this week, following a especially brutal, and troubling sex crime. A 17 year old Male student, allegedly (I have to use this word to respect the presumption of innocence, but he’s the only suspect) raped, murdered, and burned or attempted to burn a 14 year old Female classmate. A horrific, unimaginable crime, to be sure. WHY? is the question that the people of this Nation are asking.

Although it is a rhetorical one. This young man is “mentally unbalanced.” Sick. Twisted. He needs help. He needs psychiatric treatment is, of course the rant of that profession. And, it’s important to know – he’s HAD psychiatric treatment before. Because he PREVIOUSLY raped a classmate – and was sentenced to – are you ready?……4 months of “detention.” After which the shrinks set him loose.

The opposing view is that he needs, and deserves, a lethal injection.

There are two major considerations in this, and other similiar cases: The right to Life. And the protection of Society.

Psychiatrists would have us believe that we can have both. That, dear reader, is squirrel dookie. Psychiatric treatment of sex offenders,as any study you care to quote will confirm, has never achieved even a 25% rate of success in rewiring those troubled brains.

That’s because – and this may be an “Ah-Ha” moment for you – Psychiatry does not study the brain! Psychiatry is based on profiles/case studies of human behaviour. And what controls human behaviour? – DUH! – you’re right – it’s….THE BRAIN!!!

Incredibly, Psychiatry is the only field of medicine that DOES NOT STUDY THE ORGAN IT PURPORTS TO TREAT.

Imagine being operated on by a neurosurgeon whose sole education was based on “profiles” of the brain? Like to be under his knife? – Didn’t think so.

So – dumping this non-medicine in the trash where it belongs – the question then becomes: “Under what circumstances do you lose your right to life?” A brutual sex crime like this one? A premeditated murder?

And where should society stand on retarded individuals who commit what we consider a crime – but to them was a game? Do we expend our time, energy and resources attempting to re-wire them? Or do they get the deadly needle too?

I’ve attempted to save us all some grief up to this point by not factoring in Religious fanaticism. And, clearly, fanaticism is THE definition of every Religion. (As the authenticity of each depends on theirs being the only one with a hot line to “GOD.”)

And you too, whatever your religious “beliefs”( a 10 dollar word for”fairy tales”) should do the same. Because the operative question here is: “HOW DO WE PROTECT SOCIETY FROM REPEAT SEXUAL OFFENDERS?” (Not how do we stroke your religious fantasies AND protect society.)

There are two solutions. Only one, sadly is do-able.The first (and my favorite) is to hold Psychiatrists accountable for the crimes of sex offenders they green-light for release. I guarantee this would result in ZERO repeat offences.

The other solution is the deadly needle. Yes, I can hear the howls of the “right to lifers” here. “All human life is sacred, etc.” Exactly. What about all the other human lives engulfed in a shockwave of grief and agony? Do they have any rights?, Do they deserve some consideration?

We – Society- are also the victims of this horrific act. We, as members of the human family, are suffering along with the murdered girls family.

Bottom Line: When someone (of any age or mental state) commits a crime this horrific, and will, if given the chance, almost certainly do it again – is their life more important than more grief and agony they will generate for the lives of  all the members of the Human Family?

And the fate of this “alleged” rapist- murderer? Sadly – the usual. Psychiatric”treatment”. Dentention. And, eventually – you guessed it – release.


Doubtless He’ll be walking the streets again – someday. Ready to make his contribution to society.


What are ya thinkin’?

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11 Responses to “French Sorrow – World Problem”

  1. randy hoffman says:

    bullet through the brain……that’s what i’m thinkin!

  2. sandra tremain says:

    We – “society ” never seem to get the message that you so clearly convey – these people can’t be cured. – psychiatry has proven that! so- to consider them “sick” and have shrinks ultimately
    declare them “unsick” and release them into society so they can rape and murder again – is beyond stupid!

  3. sara young says:

    sandra said exactly what I was thinking……and i’d like to add that bringing religion into this practical, moral problem, just ensures that these sick people will have the opportunity to continue bringing grief and agony to all of us.

  4. stig yablonsky says:

    This post ranks right up there with “Wrong, Mr. President” as one of your finest current affairs posts.

  5. carl radovich says:

    this is a problem to which there is no easy solution…obviously…
    but i think your inference that all sex criminals should get “the deadly needle” just further polarizes the issue. Negatively.

  6. maxfield dubby says:

    it’s YOU who should get the “deadly needle” mr bg for your total disrespect for human life! imagine if this was your son! what would you do then????

  7. bengt angstroom says:

    Maxfield – If it was my son – I’d shoot him – And consider it a gift to the protection of society.

  8. nancy fielder says:

    it seems this post has really generated a lot of forceful opinions…unfortunately, i feel, of a “for” and “against” variety..would’nt it be better if we try to think more about the possibilities for a solution that would work from everyone’s point of view?

  9. carson muldoon says:

    Nancy – you bleeding heart liberals make me sick to my stomach! Wake up and smell the coffee pollyanna! This is the real world, with sick killers – of all ages – walking the streets….even Nancy…down YOUR street. Will you be inviting them in for coffee to “discuss” their problems?

  10. paul joynner says:

    my solution is to make electro-shock treatments mandatory for all psychiatrists, before burning them and burying them 9 feet under.

  11. marvin jones says:

    nobody got this righter than you bro.

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