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Impeach the Pope

What did he Say?

OK  – Impeach the Pope– not quite what you expected from me right? The guy who’s  usually writing about all the pleasureable experiences of French County Life. Truth be told , I was enjoying my French Country life this afternoon, in the garden. After a violent storm, the sun appeared. Birds were singing. A simple, but enjoyable lunch graced my patio table. A nice wine a cote. A view to the mountains. Blue skies. White puffy clouds. Perfect, right? Perfect for me. But not for the 200 deaf children molested by Milwaukee’s “Father” Murphy over a period of 20 years. Not perfect for those children, now adults, who even protested in front of their church. Not perfect for the Bishops in that Diocese who repeatedly told Cardinal Ratzinger, the Vatican’s “main man” at the time, that “We’ve got a big problem here, that needs your attention.”

Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell

But Cardinal Ratziner chose, for whatever reason(s), not to reply. Father Murphy’s abuse continued. No intervention from the Vatican. Finally, Father Murphy dies. And Cardinal Ratzinger, becomes the Pope.”God’s representative on Earth.” Spiritual leader” of millions. And his response? His explanation for doing nothing? His rationale for, in effect, condoning the the transgressions of Father Murphy. Nada. Zilch. That’s what his press secretary is for. His cop-out – “Father Murphy was in ill health, and needed to die in dignity.”(parphrasing) Dignity? What about the 200 abused deaf children? What about their dignity? The continuing scars on their lives inflicted by Father Murphy? What is the “spiritual Leader” going to do to help them? To even try, as much as is possible, to “make things right?”

The Bottom Line

You know the answer, dear reader, do you not? It is  – absolutely nothing. Except for more pious religious mumbo jumbo, rationalizing the ill health of the “disturbed” Father Murphy(Hey, Benedict, you knew that 20 years ago!) and profunde expressions of deep sorrow and regret. But a cheque from the enormous coffers of the Vatican bank, for Father Murphy’s victims? Not a snowball’s chance in hell. Because, and here’s where you really need to pay attention, and leave your (inherited) “beliefs” at the door. Organized Religion is a Multi-national. It, like all Multi-Nationals exists to increase it’s profits/market share, maintain brand loyalty, crush competition, and sweep it’s abuses under the rug. Or, when impossible, put the best possible pr “spin” on them. Pope Benedict is the CEO of RCInternational. And, unlike, for example, Bill Gates, who can be, and was, hauled up on the carpet for scrutiny by his Government, no such luck with the former Cardinal Ratzinger. (No impeachment option!) You know why? Because he’s HOLY! If you say anything against him – It’s blasphemy! It’s sacrilige! It’s a “sin”against the church and it’s “Holy” servants!

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

So, how did Pope Benedict get to be “Holy?” How did he acquire that impenetrable armour that other corporate executives can only dream about? Well, as noted, before becoming Pope, he was a Cardinal. Before that, an Archbishiop. Before that, a Bishop, and before that, back through the mists of time, a Priest.(Think  Anthony Quinn  in “Shoes of the Fisherman.”) So, you’re getting my drift, are you not? “Holiness” is the ultimate job description on the Roman Catholic Church “career path.” And Pope Benedict has made it to the top of the ladder. Where he continues to behave exactly as any other corporate executive would in a time of crisis. No comment.

Wake up Call

Those who “believe” in the church, “believe” in God, “believe” in whatever your fairy tale is, need to realize that belief IS a fairey tale! The word “belief” comes from two Anglo-Saxon words – “to be” and “lief” (wish) ie – I “lief these lands to be yours.” Therefore, when we say I”believe” in (Jesus)(God)(aliens) we are simply saying I WISH them to be. Only doubtful truths require “belief.” No one with a full load says “Do you believe in roses?” We can see, smell, touch(and if we’re really hungry) taste them. So, following on, if you “believe” in God, the Roman Catholic Church and it’s Pope, what do you “believe” the Pope should do? Would not honesty, contrition, and CONCRETE ACTION to help alleviate the suffering of “Father” Murphys 200 victims be a start?

The Beat goes On

The sun is still shining here now. The sky is still blue. The clouds remain “rows and flows of angel hair.” I return to my work, as we all must.
But my lingering thought is for Pope Benedict. Beyond what he needs to say, must say, in his “position”, I’m wondering what, (to use my Mother’s favorite expression) “in his heart of hearts” he’s feeling.

And you. What about you?

Throw me a bone here people!

what are ya thinkin?

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5 Responses to “Impeach the Pope”

  1. Rod Cooper says:

    Why stop at impeachment. Too good I say. Burn the Pope!

  2. colin says:

    churches…paradise for pedophiles…..time for a BONFIRE!

  3. sara says:

    Your article is right on! Why should these perverts be protected?
    if you ot I were to do these kind of things we’d have to answer for our actions. The Pope does’nt. This is not just outrageous…..this
    is CRIMINAL.

  4. gwendolyn says:

    The bible says “by their actions ye shall know them.”

    Now we all know Pope Benedict.

  5. Sau gut! Endlich mal jemand der meiner Meinung ist.

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